Feelbelt: Haptic Feedback for VR, Gaming and Music

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Strap it. Feel it. Love it. Take your gaming and music experience to the next level by adding a new dimension.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

New stuff and new staff!
18 days ago – Thu, Oct 08, 2020 at 02:54:14 AM

Hey guys,

we hope you're all doing well, as we are on the final stretch of getting everything together!

That being said, we have some good news and some a-little-less-good news for you. So let's rip off the bandaid first: we're postponing the delivery of the Feelbelt to the middle of November. Due to "you-know-who" we are currently waiting for the batteries to be delivered.

New Stuff

The good news is: we are using that time to beef up our packaging and accessories, so you will not only get a high class product, but also a proper box and unique cables! Fancy a first look? Well, here it is! Still in progress!

What do you think of the design? We're so stoked to finally send them out!

Btw, make sure you've ordered the correct amount and lenghts of cables for your setup. You can still update your order until 15th of Oct. Here: https://feelbelt.backerkit.com

Our belt buckles have arrived

After gathering a lot of feedback from users, we think we found the perfect buckle for the Feelbelt. Easy to put on and release, with a very clever magnetic trick. Check out the stash!

 New staff


We take your insights very seriously. Therefore, to improve our communications, we are going to hire Julia as our new communications manager! She will be the person to tell you what we're doing, when we're too busy doing things ;)


Maneet started as a student intern in the marketing department some time ago. And since we where so overwhelmed by his skills and swift learning, that we decided to hire im full time! Next to his job, Maneet is working on his master thesis with "crowdfunding" as his topic of choice. He would love to come back to you guys at some point and would highly appreciate your feedback!


Kevin is taking care of our project management for basically everything. Due to Corona we struggled with some of our delivery chain, but Kevin managed to keep everything on track as good as possible. Other than that, he's also the great mind behind the box design. Right now he is working his butt off to ensure we're all going to enjoy the Feelbelt before Christmas!

That's it for today, next update will come from our lovely Julia already! Talk soon!

Benjamin and your Feelbelt Team

Feelbelt live at IFA 2020 – the world-famous trade show for consumer electronics
about 2 months ago – Tue, Sep 08, 2020 at 12:59:50 PM

Dear Feelbelt Family,

as you may have read in our social media channels, we’ve physically attended the IFA Special Edition 2020. For a long time, it was unclear whether the IFA will take place at all. So, we were particularly pleased that this important event took place – although only for trade visitors and media representatives. We have missed you! :(

The Final Prototype in front of the IFA building (Messe Berlin)

It was three days full of interesting contacts and press interviews. We’ve had the chance to talk to some promising distribution and business partners. As soon as there are news about this, we’ll share them with you! Unfortunately, most of the media coverage generated during the exhibition is in German. Some high reach media, like ZDF (Nano), ProSieben (Galileo), RTL, N-tv, rbb, MDR and Computerbild covered our Feelbelt in interviews and reports, mostly in live-streams.

Live-Interview with rtl.de/n-tv
Our Booth in Hall A, City Cube, IFA NEXT (for startups)
The rbb (Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg) tried the Feelbelt in action

The IFA, as in 2019, has again brought us some steps forward and we’re very excited about what the future will bring!

Thanks to all of those who visited us at our booth and covered the Feelbelt!

Of course, we have missed consumers like you. With you, the exhibition would have been twice as great and successful. 


Benjamin and the Feelbelt Team

Production Process, Software, IFA, Gamescom and a new application area
2 months ago – Mon, Aug 24, 2020 at 03:30:57 AM

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News - Indiegogo, Ref Program, Deaf Girl and Discord
2 months ago – Sun, Aug 16, 2020 at 11:36:17 AM

Hey guys, 

we have news for you. Some follow us on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn and have already seen it. We had the Backerkitshop online as an interim solution.

From now on an inDemand campaign is running at Indiegogo. 

Referral Program

We have also created a Ref program for you. To participate, and be rewarded with a 15% commission cash of every euro you help us raise, just to click on "Help Boost Feelbelt!" below and follow the steps:

  •  Click the "Help Boost Feelbelt!" and register as a Booster
  •  Share your unique Booster link on your Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Website, or wherever you like!
  • Check out your Kickbooster dashboard and watch your commissions roll in! 

Video with a Deaf Girl

We let Cindy try our Feelbelt. Cindy is deaf and is active as a youtuber. She had also tested our Stereo Feelbelt for the first time. The video is in German, but works with English subtitles as well.

Do you know somebody who is also deaf? Show him this video. He will be thrilled. 


We have created a Discord Channel. Here we can exchange information faster and more effectively. If you have questions, you can reach us here additionally more interactive. 

Furthermore you can reach us via the comment functions or our social media channels. 

With Love,

we will give you an update on production at the end of next week. You can be curious. :-)

Benjamin, Felix and the Feelbelt Team

Update on our production and cooperation
3 months ago – Wed, Jul 22, 2020 at 05:02:52 PM

Hello again Feelbelt family,

you’ve probably wondered why you haven’t heard from us in a while since our last update. But don’t worry! We are working hard on the production and further improvement of the Feelbelt to finally get you guys enjoy your next level gaming und music experience. #immersion2.0 

To keep you updated on our progress, we have gathered some insights in our production processes for you!

A new prototype

Our next milestone in the upcoming weeks will be the finalization of a new prototype. That one does already include all the feedback we have received from testers and backers since the beginning of our kickstarter campaign. It will primarily be used for cooperation with media, influencers and B2B partners.

What others say about Feelbelt

Cooperation with famous influencers and youtubers of the gaming scene has been at the top of our priorities during the last weeks. And we continue to reach out to and organize reviews with them. Are there youtubers or influencers that you particularly like and would love him or her to test the Feelbelt? Leave your suggestions in the comments below! We highly appreciate any help!

Secret tip: Each of our cooperations is also a giveaway. ;-)

Are you ready for the next Feelbelt campaign? We are!

 We’ll be launching an Indiegogo campaign very soon. You’ll be informed about any news in another update here and of course in our social media channels.So, make sure to connect with us and the feelbelt community on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn and receive any updates right on time!                                       

Have you already visited our shop?

 Until the beginning of our Indiegogo campaign, we’re running a pre-order shop. Even without having pledged here on kickstarter, you get the chance to pre-order a feelbelt.